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hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:27 am (UTC)
Name: Lily Evans
Age/Birthday: 15/August 21, 1960
House: Gryffindor
Physical Description: Lily is an average-sized girl. She has pale skin, red hair, green eyes, and a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.
Personality Description: She’s not a very outgoing girl: in fact, she’s more of an introvert than she is an extrovert. She likes to study, and she’s a real stickler for the rules (much to the dismay of her fellow Housemates). Sometimes even SHE wonders why she wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw. On the other hand, though, when she finds something she really likes, she’s very passionate about it, and she’ll research/lecture/learn as much as possible concerning that topic.
15 words: studious, quiet, kind, introverted, straight-edge, passionate, teachable, bookworm, calm, shy, polite, self-conscious, rule-abiding, amiable, sweet
Family Background: She’s muggleborn, so she isn’t related to anyone at school, whether by marriage or by blood. As far as she can tell, she’s the only one with wizarding blood EVER in the Evans family. Her sister dislikes the fact that she’s a witch, but her parents are extremely supportive. The support/pride that they give to Lily often fans the fires of her sister’s jealous disdain. To define her parents, you’d have to look at Arthur Weasley and flip the worlds—they’re muggles that are extremely interested in the possibilities of the wizarding world.
Personal History: Lily was born on August 21st to a middle class family (mother; Kindergarten teacher, father; chemist) living in Sunderland, England. She was quite a bright child, and she showed a penchant for reading (rather than playing) at a very young age. She went to normal muggle school as a kid and was getting ready to test into a private boarding school when she got her Hogwarts letter. At first, her father was baffled, but her mother (always the more accepting one) decided that it wouldn’t hurt to go and see, if not just to humor the little girl. Petunia, of course, was quite sarcastic and petulant about the whole ordeal. Once her parents realized that this school was not some phony joke, they cancelled her appointment to take the test, but told their friends that she’d been accepted to a different private school. At Hogwarts, Lily flourished under the brilliant minds of the professors there. She was recently appointed prefect and is eager to return to school with new duties and responsibilities.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:28 am (UTC)
Name: Sirius Rigel Black
Age/Birthday: 15/April 3, 1960
House: Gryffindor

Physical Description: Sirius is, in a word, gorgeous – and he knows it. He has been graced with the aristocratic good looks typical of the Black family. Tall (6'1") and lean with piercing grey eyes and inky hair (that seems to fall just perfectly in his face), Sirius cuts a striking figure in the halls of Hogwarts. Those who he lets get close enough to him can see the faintest dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose on his shoulders (they darken in sunny months). Sirius always seems to have a slight sun-kissed glow to his skin even in the dead of winter. He has an expressive face, easy to read whether he be smiling brightly or glaring murderously.
Personality Description: Sirius is a rebellious, hot-headed, stubborn, fiercely loyal, rash, and mischievous individual. He is very heavily driven by pure impulse; not that he never considers the consequences, he simply disregards them. He lives for having a good time and is not afraid of stirring things up in order to make that happen. Some would even call him a troublemaker. Sirius carries himself with the extreme confidence that comes with being handsome and wealthy - even if he doesn’t always feel as confident as he looks. Sirius is not one to shy away from confrontation, even seeking it out in certain instances. He lives his life believing that he should never have any regrets, as long as he remembers to learn from his mistakes. He would – without hesitation – risk his life for his loved ones, even at so young an age... mainly because there are so few he truly loves.
15 words: rebellious, bright, quick-tempered, impetuous, petulant, self-assured, mischievous, loyal, mordant, extroverted, flirtatious, strong-willed, attractive, humorous, tempestuous
Family Background: Sirius is a member of the pureblooded Black family - son to Orion and Walburga, older brother to Regulus, cousin to Narcissa, Andromeda, and Bellatrix. Sirius has a very rocky relationship with the majority of his family. His mother and father disapprove of his ways, as do many of his relatives. His favourite cousin – in fact, family member in general – is Andromeda. Sirius absolutely adores her (and idolises her a bit) because she, too, refuses to give in to the Black family lifestyle. And he gets a laugh out of Uncle Alphard, who sometimes seems to not be of completely sound mind. Sirius despises the Dark Arts with a passion and is deeply disgusted by the fact that his family supports You-Know-Who. He could give a toss about blood purity and is growing rather tired of his family’s nigh maniacal obsession with their pureblood status.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:28 am (UTC)
Personal History: Orion and Walburga Black were overjoyed to welcome their first son, Sirius Rigel Black, with the highest of hopes and expectations for him. He was doted on by his mother until his brother Regulus was born when Sirius was just one. The pressure of having two small children was simply too much for Walburga and she often handed Sirius off to a nanny, believing that her youngest child needed her more. As he grew older, Sirius came to realise that his family’s views were not exactly suited to his tastes. He didn’t outwardly defy his parents then, but he did not openly express a desire to follow in the Black family footsteps as Regulus did. Sirius came to resent Regulus for the blatantly more favourable regard in which Orion and Walburga held him. When it came time for him to go to Hogwarts, Sirius was more than happy to get away from Number 12 Grimmauld Place and its inhabitants. Of course, this meant he had to now deal with being in Slytherin with his older cousins, except things didn’t happen that way. Sirius was as shocked as anyone else that he was sorted into Gryffindor; Blacks were always in Slytherin - that’s just how things worked. When his mother and father received word that he had been sorted elsewhere, Sirius received several angry howlers. He simply grew more frustrated with his parents because, surely, they didn’t think it was his fault that he was put into Gryffindor. The only thing that made the whole situation one he could survive was the friends Sirius made that first week in the dormitory. He clicked almost instantly with James Potter (thankfully, a pureblood or else his parents would likely pull him from the school) and the two of them became the most dynamic of duos. He felt closer to James than he did to his very own brother. Sirius also formed a tight bond with Remus Lupin and was close to Peter Pettigrew as well. The sight of the four of them together became a constant around the castle. As far as relationships Sirius is an outrageous flirt, dropping casual snogs on unsuspecting (yet very grateful) girls whenever the fancy strikes him. He has never seriously dated anyone, though he has recently begun to develop a rather strong attraction to one of his best mates in particular... and it disturbs him because that mate in question is a boy.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:28 am (UTC)
Name: Regulus Acamar Black
Age/Birthday: 14/August 6, 1961
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Regulus is rather tall for his age, standing a few inches above most of the boys in his year, but at 5’8, he is still shorter than his older brother, Sirius. Actually, sometimes Regulus feels as if looking in the mirror is like seeing his brother in a rather distorted window. Although they share similar features, Regulus’ appear softer in a way that he just can’t quite put his finger on: his eyes are a much darker shade of grey, and if he waits too long between trims, his hair has the tendency to curl slightly. His smiles are usually the fake kind that one would find in family photos taken fifteen minutes or so after a huge row. Very rarely does it reach his eyes. His body is thin and wiry and generally makes him look like a child in a body that’s been stretched out just a little too much.
Personality Description: Regulus hardly knows who he is most of the time, becoming skilled at a young age at juggling two different masks, one to please his parents and another to please his brother. As he grew older and met more people, the number of people who expected different things out of him grew as well, and he learned to adapt to the new roles placed upon him. Under each mask is yet another, and it’s been that way for so long that he doesn’t know any other way to be. Being alone frightens him, because it’s rather like sitting in a room with a stranger. If he had enough time to himself, he may begin to form his own thoughts, his own opinions, and then he’d no longer be able to parrot back what whoever he was talking to at the moment wanted to hear from him. He’s fairly comfortable with there being no centre there, it’s how he’s always been. There are times, though, when he drops the masks that he wears just enough to let his true personality shine through, but it’s very rare and he fails to even notice it himself. That part of him is, strangely, too alien for him to recognize it.
15 words: naïve, spoiled, obedient, reflection, acting, pretending, perfectionist, youngest, affectionate, clingy, child, introverted, family centric, insecure, brat
Family Background: Regulus is the youngest son of Orion and Walburga Black, and in fact is the youngest of all the Black children. For the most part, he cares for his entire family, no matter what side they stand on any issues or whatever their feelings towards him may be, as they were all that he knew for the first eleven years of his life. He wishes that Andromeda and Sirius didn’t cause as much friction within the family as they do, especially his brother as it feels as if he’s always thrown in the middle when Sirius and their parents are fighting. It shouldn’t feel that way, as it seems most of the time as Sirius just thinks of him as someone he has to live with and not a brother, a fact that he tries to ignore. Orion and Walburga dote on him as the favourite child, placing him on a very wobbly marble pedestal that Regulus feels, most of the time, is on the verge of tipping over. He learned years ago to try and balance himself upon it by imitating exactly what they wanted to see and hear from him when they were around. It wasn’t long before he was doing the same with the rest of his family members, attempting to be the perfect nephew, perfect brother, and the perfect cousin, not that it worked with everyone.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:29 am (UTC)
Personal History: If you asked him, Regulus would say that he was a happy child. He had a large extended family, his parents spoiled him, and he never really wanted for anything. Sure, he and his brother didn’t always get along, even though he tried, but do siblings ever really always get along? Of course, he felt from a young age the pressure to be absolutely perfect that most children don’t experience until their last few years of school, but he never knew anything other than that. He never really had much to do with children outside his own family, so he figured all families were exactly the same. Most of the time he still does. Growing up, his brother and cousins were his only playmates, and as they grew up and started leaving him for Hogwarts, he started to feel pretty alone. By the time he was ten and seeing Sirius and Narcissa off, he tried to stow away on the train. He still thinks that he would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t chosen to hide under a seat in the prefects’ car. That was probably the only time in his life that his mother has ever yelled at him or that his parents had ever punished him, and it’s not really an experience he’d like to repeat. In fact, after seeing the way his parents acted when his brother was sorted into Gryffindor, when it became his turn, he quietly threatened to make the sorting hat the perfect size for a doll if it put him anywhere but Slytherin. Even though he didn’t yet have the ability to follow through on this, it did get him what he wanted. Even though he made his own friends within his House, he resents Sirius’ for taking his brother away from him. He also sometimes finds it maddening to have all of his older cousins in the same House, even though he really wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s become quite a perfectionist since he’s entered Hogwarts, overtaxing himself on schoolwork so his parents will never have any cause to complain about him. He loves Ancient Runes, tolerates History of Magic as a necessary evil, and considers Transfiguration a complete and utter waste of time. Most of his dorm-mates are starting to discover girls, but he still has no interest in them at all. If asked, he’ll just say that fourteen is really too young to care about that sort of thing, but in reality it’s because he started noticing other boys last year. He hasn’t let anyone know that he think he may be gay, after all that may be the one thing that could permanently kick him from the position of favourite son.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:30 am (UTC)
Name: James Everett Potter
Age/Birthday: 15/April 14, 1960
House: Gryffindor
Physical Description: James is handsome. There's no denying it. (Not that he ever would. He doesn't do false modesty.) He's tall standing at 5'8 and growing. James is a bit on the thin side due to high metabolism. His hair is impossibly black and usually a bit of a mess. People wonder if it's because it's natural or he likes it that way. James likes to make people wonder but it's natural. Just ignore the fact that he tends to run his hands through it to make it stand up even more so. The feature one notices most is his ever-present smile. Some would go as far to say it's captivating when he smiles.
Personality Description: James is something of a rule breaker. To be honest, he doesn't hold rules in much regard. James actually views them as challenges. He's also care free and a generally happy person but lets face it, he's use to getting his way, a classic only-child. He can be very arrogant and very sure of himself, sometimes to the point that some people want to use every available hex on him. He used to value his ability to charm anybody but that was before he met a couple people who couldn't. James expects for everyone to like him. In fact, it's hard for him to understand why anyone wouldn't like him. He's not quite aware of his shortcomings and too focused on his large range of talents. James likes adventure and actually goes out of his way to look for it. He's strong, brave and loyal. His friends mean the world to him and he'll do anything for them.
15 words: charming, audacious, overconfident, mischievous, clever, charismatic, reckless, temperamental, relentless, flirtatious, lazy, carefree, laid back
Family Background: James' family is a close knit one. They are rich but not to the point that they believe money or blood makes them better than anyone else. James was raised to be respectful to everyone or thing no matter their history. His family does spoil him rotten. Their viewpoint is if they don't give them the best they can, then who will?
Personal History: James Everett Potter was brought into the world by the loving arms of Charlus and Dorea. Charlus is head of Magical Games and Sports. His mother, Dorea, lives for her husband and son. He's an only child which equals to being the sole heir of the Potter wealth. His parents are devoted to him and would gladly give everything to make sure he's safe. He had the average life of a child from a wizarding family, but unlike some of his other fellow purebloods, James has no problem with muggleborns or half-bloods. This same idea is shared by his family. He has a very tolerant family that are quite open. That could explain why his parents have no problem with James being friends with Sirius, who is from a well-known, dark-magic-loving family. As a child, James was excited to go into Hogwarts. Instead of having friends his age, James befriended boys older than him. One by one they went to Hogwarts leaving him behind. After all that wait, came his turn. Right in front of him in line for the Sorting Hat, stood a girl with red pigtails. He pulled her hair and she turned around to give him a piece of her mind. He's been smitten with Lily Evans ever since. Then in the first week, he made friends with his first friend his age. Rather quickly, Sirius became the brother James never had. Soon after came Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. They're his best friends and there is nobody he trusts more then them to have his back.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:31 am (UTC)
Name: Dorcas Meadows
Age/Birthday: 16/March 5, 1959.
Physical Description: Dorcas has reddish-brown hair that falls in a choppy cut around her neck and no matter how hard she tries to comb it and charm it into place, it always looks as though it has been touched with electricity. She has grey eyes and pale skin, which doesn't look too good when she blushes and she's also not very tall, probably one of the shortest in the year. Dorcas is one of those girls who can't go anywhere unless makeup is plastered to their face.
Personality Description: Dorcas is a rather strange girl. She grew up in the wizarding world but, when visiting her squib aunt when she was younger, became a huge fan of muggle rock music. Her taste in clothing is linked with her taste in music as she goes with the trends of certain bands and musicians. This, along with her constant chatter of records, confuses her fellow housemates (who are mostly all purebloods and the most of music they know plays on TWWN). Dorcas is also a huge chatterbox and can talk for a long amount of time without stopping, which seems to annoy a lot of people. She talks too much, listens too little, and when she's on a roll, it's hard to get her to shut up.
15 words: Bold, annoying, opinionated, moody, whiny, sarcastic, witty, smart, strange, pessimistic, confident, loud, proud, a showoff, a thinker.
Family Background: Her family is pureblood, except for an aunt or two on her mother's side of the family who are squibs. Her family is not exactly the richest of people and Dorcas is an only child, but there is a lot of love around them. Blood does not hold a great deal of importance to the Meadows family. They are firm believers that it's a person's actions that define who they are, not how they were born or where they grew up.
Personal History: Dorcas was born in London on the fifth of March, 1959 to Michael and Susan Meadows. She was a very active child when she was younger, always running off when she should have stayed put. It got her in trouble many times and her parents were not always able to watch her due to their profession. They were both aurors, which required a lot of concentration and long hours in the office. When her parents were away Dorcas would go and stay with her Squib aunt in the country. There she began her music obsession and spent a lot of time admiring posters and listening to the big hits of the late 60s-early 70s. When she got her Hogwarts letter her little 'obsession' went with her. Having grown up an only child, Dorcas seemed to be saying so much to make up for all those years of having nobody to talk to and seemed to annoy people with all her talking. If this hadn't convinced some people she was weird enough, she also introduced her dorm mates to the world of rock music. During her first three or so years at Hogwarts, Dorcas had managed to make both friends and enemies, melting a cauldron or two in between. She had been disappointed when she hadn't gotten Prefect but then decided it was probably for the best, after all... that much responsibility? No thank you. Dorcas is glad to have made it to her sixth year without too much trouble, save for an accident or two in Potions that she still has the scars from.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:31 am (UTC)
Name: Peter Pettigrew
Age/Birthday: 15/June 11, 1960
House: Gryffindor
Physical Description: He's not really attractive at all. He's pretty short and fat with a pasty white complexion. His eyes are a watery blue that never really focus on anything and he has a blob blond of hair just sitting on his head.
Personality Description:
He's definitely one of those people who would conform to the hippest trend. Not exactly the brightest one out there, he's always the one that's a beat off of everything, whether it's a joke or just life in general. Also, his abilities seem to appear to be lacking, but he's not totally dumb with school work.
15 words: slow, naive, conformist, follower, idolizer, coward, loyal, weak, short, forgetable, whiner, desperate, annoying, gullible, scaredy cat
Family Background: Peter's a Pureblood, though his parents aren't very well known. He doesn't think of Muggleborns too highly, but of course only admits that at appropriate times.
Personal History: He was born June 11th and was an only child to his parents. Unfortunately, his father died when he was three from unknown reasons, leaving his mother devastated. While she tried to pull herself together, he ended up spending time wandering the streets alone in their small town. He never had many friends and always seemed to scare them off quickly from his neediness. When he got his Hogwarts letter, he was very excited and even more excited when he met James, Sirius, and Remus, his new best friends.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:32 am (UTC)
Name: Emmy Wilkes
Age/Birthday: 16/ 1959
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: She has green eyes and blonde hair.
Personality Description: Upon first meeting Emmy, most people will see a pretty blonde girl who is naïve, surprisingly sweet, and innocent to the cruelties of the world. Her close friends will know that she is not innocent: she has done far too many things. Her family will know that she is not naïve: she has seen far too many things. It will take an almost impossibly perceptive person to see through the saccharine sweetness that she has perfected throughout her entire life. Emmy will tolerate no barriers to her success, and she aspires to be the best. She will not hesitate to use her family name, money, innocent looks, or networking skill to do whatever is necessary to achieve her goals. As a result, there is very little that Emmy hasn’t done. Alcohol, sex, drugs, corruption, enticement—all and more have taken at least quick runs through her fifteen years of living. Unfortunately, her strange life has led her to have a strange outlook on herself; she often finds herself impossibly alone and, at times, confused about which way to turn. As a natural side effect of constantly posing for one group of people while duplicitously going about behind their backs, she has no idea which part is the part that is ‘truly her’.
Family Background: Emmy was born to the Wilkes family, a well known and extremely well situated pureblood family that is extremely proud of its heritage. Their unofficial motto is: “If you want something, do what it takes to get it.”
Personal History: She grew up in the Wilkes Manor with a governess as a child and was taught the basic first and second year potions, wand movements and spells (which, although she could not actually practice without a wand, helped her technique greatly) to prepare her for her years at Hogwarts. Because of this—and only because of this (Emmy is by no means a genius)—she quickly rose to the top of her class. Her parents, who saw the benefit of private tutoring, continued to enroll her in advanced classes over the summer. As a young child, her parents brought her along with them to parties and galas, exposing her to things that a child would not typically see—both good and bad. As a result, she grew up with a jaded view of the world and a corrupted innocence, typically using a naive cover to shield her shrewdness.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:32 am (UTC)
Name: Caradoc Dearborn
Age/Birthday: 17/ 1957
House: Gryffindor
Physical Description: He's got a good boy look to him that gives him a very relaxed presence. His brown wavy hair is mostly swept back from his head in what looks like he has a loss of patience with it in his face. His eyes are a light brownish-hazel that seem to blend in with his hair if you were to compare color. Pretty tall, he stands around 6'1 and always has an easy smile on his face.
Personality Description: Caradoc is your average everyday good guy. His light, playful, almost teasing manner makes him approachable and likeable by most. A laugh is never too far behind him, since it's one of his favorite things to do. He's not a very pushy person, settling for being more relaxed, but that doesn't mean he won't stand up for himself. When the time comes, he can take on the position of a leader if need be or defend himself against those who believe in the Dark powers. His natural instinct is to deflect top leadership, but is quite content being the 2nd man running the operation, making sure everything runs smoothly.
15 words: nice, easy going, loyal, friendly, relaxed, studious, simple, loveable, silly, mature, playful, stubborn, sympathetic, spontaneous, strong
Family Background: Caradoc's parents are Jennifer and Danson Dearborn. He's the oldest child, only having a younger brother, Dominic, who has yet to go to Hogwarts yet, though he's expected to get his letter next year. He's a halfblood, his dad being the wizard and his mom coming from a muggle family. He's 100% devoted to the "Good Side" so to speak, and wants to bring down whoever's trying to harm so many innocent people.
Personal History: His younger life was spent around Muggles until he reached the age of 7 when his parents deemed him old enough to keep their secret. Since then, he's been attending Muggle Elementary Schools until he started going to Hogwarts and has a few Muggle friends at home due to that. He's very fond of his little brother, glad for any opportunity to see him since he hasn't been home much due to school and such. He's become engrossed with Charms and DADA, which has spurred his wish to be an Auror when he journeys out into the real world at the end of the year.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:33 am (UTC)
Name: Evan Rosier
Age/Birthday: 16/November 8th, 1958
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Evan has a bronzed skin tone, thick hair, and a rather toned body shape. He does not enjoy sports, although does watch them if he has to. His eyes are a plain brown colour although they contain small hints of gold flecks, accentuating his features even more.
Personality Description: In medieval texts, Rosier was the name of a Fallen Angel, a patron devil of tainted love and seduction who led men and women into unrequited love and caused them to act foolishly. Evan's charm is akin to the mythological figure that is his namesake, the kind of suaveness and seductive nature that only a devil itself could possess. He's not a forgiving person and if one mistake is your first impression on him, you are not likely to get another. Evan believes that anything he touches is tainted, poisoned and impure, but he learnt long ago that nothing is just black and white, the shades of grey coming in several patterns and each one not always exactly as they seem.
15 words: Charming, suave, seductive, cautious, arrogant, judgmental, unforgiving, lustful, bigoted, a sinner, calm, persuasive, caustic, sly, proud.
Family Background: Evan grew up with only a male influence around him, his mother having died when he was only very young. His father is a very strict pureblood elitist, rarely letting Evan associate with those outside of his 'class' and social status.

Personal History: During the winter of '63, Francesca Rosier, Evan's mother, passed away. She had always been ill but it gradually became worse as the winter wore on, eventually leading to her death. One of the servants had found her several hours after she had died, sitting at a table in the vast library in Rosier Manor. Foul play had at first been suspected as most had assumed she would make a recovery, but this theory was soon dismissed as an investigation report came back proving it had been natural causes. The situation had left a rather large impact on the young Rosier. As he moved on, he found himself alone in a large house with only his father and several House Elves. Although they were not always as completely alone as Evan has suspected until one evening when he had been wandering the halls, he spied an unfamiliar woman entering and exiting his father's quarters. Every evening the same thing would happen. Sometimes it would be a different woman, sometimes the same one would come back. This may be what has made Evan as he is today, but he has learn to never get attached. When he was 11, he got his letter and attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry like he was expected and was sorted into Slytherin like all his ancestors before him. At Hogwarts he found who his true friends were and met girls who were willing to do as he wished. If you asked him, he would tell you, quite honestly, his favourite sin was lust.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:33 am (UTC)
Name: Lucius Malfoy
Age/Birthday: 17/December 20th, 1957
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Lucius has straight platinum blonde hair that falls just a little past his chin, blue eyes, tall, thin and pale. His expressions are usually very blasé or vaguely thoughtful, and his posture and mannerisms suggest a very proud, refined young man.
Personality Description: Lucius doesn’t seem intense on the outside; he speaks quietly and favours watching others’ mannerisms when they think he’s merely listening to them speak. He’s a very sharp boy, and his frequent behaviour of silently analyzing even some of the smallest details of the world around him has made him more perceptive toward using people to achieve his goals. Unbeknownst to the majority of the world, however, Lucius is amazingly alive underneath his cool, collected exterior. He has ambitions to achieve whatever power he can get.
15 words: Manipulative, introvert, arrogant, charming, malicious, cunning, intelligent, vindictive, underhanded, suave, condescending, devious, power-hungry, self-centered, spoiled
Family Background: Lucius’ family is deeply involved in the dark arts, though they have always managed to finagle their way out of trouble, usually through useful contacts who are sympathetic to the same cause. The Malfoy family is a very old, very influential family amongst the purebloods, and is not often challenged by authorities. Lucius has been given anything he asks by his parents, thus he often does not expect others to deny him anything he wants.
Personal History: Lucius has always been a good student, and most professors cannot argue with his magical abilities. However, his last name has earned him a lot of suspicion from the moment he entered Hogwarts. Feeling as though he is under constant scrutiny, Lucius has always returned the distrust toward others. He has a circle of friends from families as prestigious, renowned, and controversial as his own, but even amongst them, he seems to consider himself more apt and a step ahead of them. The only person he seems to consider his equal is his childhood friend, Emmy Wilkes.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:34 am (UTC)
Name: Amycus Carrows.
Age/Birthday: 17/April 7, 1958
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Well, his PB is going to be ADAM BRODY so...he looks like him. :)
Personality Description: Evil, cunning, dark, hot, smooth, predatory, determined, strong, snarky, ambitious, sneaky, smart, stubborn, vicious, and of course pretty!
Family Background: Bloodline: Pure. The Carrows are extremely your text-book pureblooded family. Muggles/muggleborns shouldn't be allowed anywhere NEAR magic, and they will stand proudly next to the "bad guy". His parents raised him and his twin with these values as well as a few other darker things on the magic aspect.
Personal History: Apparently he has a twin: Alecto. I would imagine the two are close, and protective of each other, if no one else. He spends as little time as possible with anyone that he deems not worth his time, whether they are pureblooded or not. He's quick to stand with anyone in a position of power; if said person is what he would concider a weakling, he will either plot to take their position or put someone more deserving in their position. He's quick one, not much gets by him, and he's generally has a few cunning retorts stored on file that can be released at a whim. He can be very mean to anyone who isn't his twin and seems to have been born without that little voice that says "That was mean; feel guilty".
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:35 am (UTC)
Name: Minerva McGonagall
Age/Birthday: 50/October 4, 1925
House: Gryffindor Head of House
Physical Description: At this point in her life, McGonagall is still relatively young. As a result, she does not always look as haggard as she does in the movies, nor does she constantly keep her hair in a bun [don’t expect any long, flowing locks though]. She does, however, have the same square glasses and she still maintains that insufferably stern look upon her face. This, of course, makes her a favorite to try to ruffle up by students such as Sirius Black and James Potter. She’s almost constantly wearing some form of tartan, and she has a very skinny and tall figure. Her animagus is a tabby cat with little squares around her eyes that are reminiscent of the woman’s glasses.
Personality Description: Minerva McGonagall is not one to be trifled with: she will not refrain from docking points from her own house just as much (if not more) than other houses. She does not smile very much, and often has a pursed-mouth-look on her face, particularly when Sirius Black is attempting to woo her. Though she has very little tolerance for petty humor, she does have a biting wit and sarcasm drips from her tongue frequently.
15 words: sarcastic, strict, prim, proper, intelligent, wry, stern, serious, doesn’t play favorites, no-nonsense, firm, shows little emotion, frigid, austere, shrewd
Family Background: Her parents are both from Edinburgh, Scotland, which may explain her love for tartan. She grew up relatively normally, and she, too, went to Hogwarts, back in the day. As she grew older, she was recruited as a Transfiguration teacher. Her parents passed away when she was rather young, and just out of school, and as a result, Hogwarts became her new home. She has no siblings, but does occasionally keep in touch with her weathered old aunt back in Scotland.
Personal History: Minerva prefers to keep her personal life closed off from the public, and is very secretive about such things, hence her annoyance when such boys as Sirius and James attempt to delve into her history. There have been rumors of an older affair between her and Dumbledore when both were younger [which possibly continues to exist], but who can say if that is truth or fiction?
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 02:36 am (UTC)
Name: Rita Skeeter
Age/Birthday: 19/August 13th, 1956.
House: Slytherin alumni.
Physical Description: Rita has bottle blonde hair, usually set in curious, elaborate and rigid little curls. Her eyebrows are pencil thin and her eyes mostly remain behind a pair of plastic, fake-looking jewelled specs. Most usually, her nails are long and claw like, painted red and almost giving off a threatening look as though about to scratch somebody's eyes out.
Personality Description: Rita has a very snarky attitude and is very sneaky and cunning, a former Slytherin graduate. She is fairly quick witted and lies to get her way, even if half of what she writes or says is complete and utter trash.
15 words: Nasty, cruel, cunning, sly, vindictive, smart, enchanting, bold, liar, bossy, mean, brilliant, snarky, cool and a role model for bitchy journalists everywhere.
Family Background: Pureblood. While her family holds the same classical Slytherin opinions on blood, Rita is rather different in the way that she doesn't care whose name she drags through the mud, so long as it makes for good story.
Personal History: Rita Skeeter attended Hogwarts from 1966 to 1973. Like most of her family, she had been a Slytherin. During her years at Hogwarts, while her parents had been trying to persuade her into a… darker career of sorts, there was truly only one path that Rita wanted to take: professional journalism. She could spin lies out of practically nothing and make up stories on the spot, a great help for herself whenever she would get into a spot of trouble. After graduating from Hogwarts, she had earned the right amount of owls to really do whatever she pleased but she applied for a position in the Daily Prophet. Suffering long hours, fetching coffee for upper Prophet writers and several tight deadlines, she reached her goal at the age of 18 when one of her first articles was published. Since then, her work has been a reoccurring part of the newspaper that is delivered daily to witches and wizards all over England. Recently she has started working on becoming an animagus, although most of what she has learnt so far has not been put into practice.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 05:53 am (UTC)
Name: Bellatrix Nemesis Black
Age/Birthday: 17 (soon to be 18), December 31, 1957
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Bellatrix is a very tall girl, standing 5'10, with a thin figure. Her facial features, individually, could be considered quite pretty but somehow, mixed together, they just seem more harsh than anything else. She does have an expressive face, though. There is little to no doubt what she's filling at any given time. Her eyes stand out the most, pale blue, heavy lidded, and framed by long, thick lashes. She seems to be looking through whomever she's talking to more than looking at them. She has clear, creamy skin and long dark hair. Her hands, if you ever bothered to really look, are not in the best of condition. She bites her nails often and, when she has none to bite, will sit and pick at the cuticles.
Personality Description: Bellatrix is, quite unashamedly, a very prejudiced person. Whether it's a matter of blood, wealth, intelligence, magical strength, she is simply unable to tolerate anyone that she deems lesser than herself in anyway. There are very few people that are able to live up to her standards, and she makes sure to let everyone around her know that they are, in her eyes, unworthy. To her, this is a service. If it's something that they can change, then they know they had better do something about it. If it's not something that can be changed, if it's something that they're born unable to help, then they know they have no business pretending to be something that they are not and should leave. She's probably the toughest on the younger members of her family, wanting them to live up to their name and status. It's almost a personal mission for her to make Sirius and Andromeda see just how wrong they are about everything and to make them change. The only reason she has not yet written them off is because she quite simply does not accept failure. If, at any point, she is less than successful at anything, it is the fault of someone else, and she will take her failure out on them. It's only right, as she obviously isn't and shouldn't be to blame. She has trouble sleeping, sometimes surviving on one or two hours of sleep in a twenty four hour period for up to four or five days at a time. It's clear when she's been going without sleep. Her eyes seem unfocused and she's often provoked by the smallest of things. She is aware that her future is to marry a pureblood man and to carry on the line, but she wants more than that in her future, as willing as she is to accept it. She wants to make a name for herself, somehow. To be recognised as an individual and not just a last name.
15 words: prejudiced, intelligent, cruel, loyal, ambitious, manipulative, passionate, self-centred, perfectionist, demanding, quick tempered, insomniac, driven, outspoken, idealistic
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 05:53 am (UTC)
Family Background: Bellatrix is the oldest child of Cygnus and Druella Black, born on the last day of 1957. It wasn't long before they had two other daughters, and all of Bellatrix's life she's only been "the eldest", not really recognised for herself. Still, she took her duties as the eldest Black child seriously. It was her job to watch after her sisters and cousins, her job to make sure that they stayed in line. This has stayed with her all these years. Her family is important to her, and she wouldn't hesitate to rip apart anyone who had caused any harm to any of her family. At the same time, she wouldn't hesitate to rip apart any of her sisters or cousins that she perceived to be tainting the family name. Other people may refer the way she treats the others as bullying, but Bellatrix herself considers if a form of tough love, something that simply has to be done. She respects the elder members of her family, other than Alphard whom she's never really been fond of, and tries to act to their wishes. She can't help to feel restricted in their wishes, though. A perfect pureblood, upper-class lady may be all well and good for her mother and for her youngest sister, but she wants more, to be able to do something with her life other than exist for the sole reason of creating it. She is still trying to figure out a way that she can balance the two, be who she wants while remaining loyal to her family and who they want her to be.
Personal History: Bellatrix grew up being reminded, constantly, that she was unique, special, and above all other people simply because of the purity of her blood, her family's status, and her last name. She grew up believing this unquestioningly, and as she grew only added more reasons to the list. She never really had to worry about anyone else's opinion of her, for her own opinion was high enough for everyone. Those that she was above, she was taught, were not worthy of her attention, were not worthy to be taught magic, and generally were trash, the dirt under her feet. Over the years she's wondered just, why, if the world is so filthy, no one bothers to clean it up. Ideally, she'd like to dedicate her life to purifying it. Realistically, she knows she is to marry a man with blood as pure as hers and have children, so that there will be future generations of purebloods. She doesn't see just why she can't do both, she just has to figure out how. She has been the one to take care of her sisters and cousins and keep them on the path their family wants for so long that she doesn't remember a time when she wasn't the one that was constantly fixing things, doesn't remember ever really getting to be a child since she had to spend her childhood playing grown up when all of the adults were too busy with other things. Lately she's grown frustrated with Andromeda and Sirius, her attempts to fix them, to make them who they are supposed to be not working. It was only an annoyance when they first started rebelling, but now she's almost to the point of throwing up her hands and declaring them as worthless as the rest of the masses. The only thing that doesn't is the fact she will feel as if she has failed and that's not a feeling she particularly relishes. She has to succeed in everything, if only to prove to herself that she isn't just a future perfect pureblood lady but her own person. Sometimes she feels that she'd have less issues had she been born male, but the truth is she doesn't have a high enough of opinion of the majority of the sex to want to be one.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 20th, 2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
Name: Rabastan Lestrange
Age/Birthday: 15/April 16, 1960
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Rabastan has always paid close attention to the way he looks, keeping himself well groomed, suave, and elegant. His mid-length black hair is always combed back neatly, only leaving his bangs to cover a scar he had gotten as a child from a quidditch accident. Rabastan's cold dark blue eyes contrast with his pale courtly, almost feminine features which he inherited from his mother. His quiet demeanor and inwardly ferocious attitude sets him apart from his peers, along with his height (he is 5'7) and graceful stride.
Personality Description: Rabastan's personality, although appearing gentlemanly, is dark and volitle. He is quiet, keeping most of his thoughts to himself but at the same time giving off an air of calm contempt which is apparent in even the way he walks, but even though Rabastan's personality is a little off putting he could not be called completely unfriendly, choosing only to conceal most of his emotions to those he distrusts.
Family Background: Rabastan's family line is descended directly from a line of weathy pureblood wizards who hade been around for centuries. His mother was (now deceased) the famous Arrabella Lestrange, who was renowned for her beauty and her cruelty, raised them after his father was murdered by a family enemy.
Personal History: Rabastan lived his life out on their small estate in London, which was hidden from muggle view by a series of spells and enchantments that had been passed on for centuries along with the house itself. His brother Rodolphus Lestrange was also raised in this house.
hlfmoonlemondrp on July 24th, 2006 12:19 am (UTC)
Name: Druella Rosier-Black
Age/Birthday: 42/Feb. 20th, 1933
House: (former) Slytherin
Physical Description: Druella is a woman with intense features. Tall, thin, and pale with brown hair and brown eyes.
Personality Description: Druella is an incredibly manipulative and ill-tempered woman. She is known to be very strict with her three daughters, being one half of the reason they have to fear stepping out of line. She's a crafty woman, often rewarding her girls generously when they do well and punishing them soundly when they don't, creating a loyalty that the girls can't help. Bellatrix is seen as simply 'the oldest daughter' whose job it is to keep the other two in line at Hogwarts; when one of the younger girls (most commonly Andromeda throughout the past) misbehaves, Bella is reprimanded too. Andromeda is the problem child, constantly disappointing her mother when she isn't as strong as Bellatrix or as obedient as Narcissa (such comparisons between the sisters are NOT too low for Druella to use while she's scolding Andromeda). Even though she has quieted down from the early days of Hogwarts, Druella--when condescending to address the girl at all--is usually only bestowing criticism and judgment. Ultimately, Druella cares only to break the girl down into something that will follow her orders obediently and with no questions. Druella sees obedient, sweet Narcissa as everything the other two SHOULD be, and often uses the girl as an example to the others, lavishing gifts and praise on the youngest Black sister. Her husband, Cygnus, is not an object of affection, but rather a means to pay for her expensive lifestyle and a connection to useful and "admirable" contacts.
15 words: Manipulative, cold, spiteful, materialistic, calculative, cunning, cruel, short tempered, classy, shrewd, well-spoken, greedy, vindictive, selfish
Family Background: Druella was born into the Rosier family, who demanded perfection and proper pureblood etiquette from the children. They have always aligned themselves with the Dark Arts and anybody that supports such or the pureblood cause.
Personal History: Growing up, Druella was raised much in the same way that she raises her daughters; disobedience and radical opinions were not tolerated. She was rewarded with presents galore (much as she does with Narcissa) for good behavior, and punished harshly for ill form. She married Cygnus Black to the great approval of her family. The marriage was completely loveless, with Druella only caring for the prestige and the money that comes with being a Black.
hlfmoonlemondrp on August 5th, 2006 03:24 am (UTC)
Name: Catrin Idris "Isis" Jugson
Age/Birthday:15, 15th August 1960
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Catrin (or Isis, as she loathes her given name) is on the short side of life, barely skimming 5' 2. She has long, wavy, dark hair that tends to appear windswept, though she'd rather it wouldn't. Her eyes seem amber, though they're really moss green with the occasional old flecks blended in. Her skin possesses a light tan (although she'd rather it be more porcelain), and only wears hats and such things to give the appearance of being concerned about her skin (yet, she still has freckles). Generally, she gives off the impression of the stereotypically dark-haired Slytherin Princess, and she wants it to remain that way.
Personality Description: Catrin's multifaceted. She aches to be accepted and seen by the other Slytherins as equal, due to things that she's noted through silent observation. She rebels against her parents, and loathes them for being so flighty. Her manners are very polite, skating the edge of harshly cold, though this is just another appearance - her whole life is practically built on façades. The aspect of her being dark and slightly sadistic is true, though her whole persona is quite strange. She has a particular fascination for fire, a pyromaniac, if you will. Fire reflects her personality - when you get to know her, she's very consuming - many people prefer to bask in the exuberance of her tireless activity. She reads french poetry, such things as Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleur de Mal to make her more cultured, and has a knack for playing the piano (rag-tag, though she'd like you to think it's classical). She adores chocolate, and would do almost anything to appease her cravings. It's hidden all over her room. She also likes hair, and the thought of burning it. Despite her 'fears' of being excluded, she's strong. One could imagine her in Azkaban in zen position, plotting what to burn next.
15 words: unsual, chocolate-obsessed, intense, pyromaniac, rebellious, masochistic, exotic, cynical, condescending, loyal, studious, whimsical.
Family Background: Catrin is the daughter of Anna Julia Seraphim and Gavin Jugson, a half-blood and a pureblood - giving her some muggle blood. She fears that someone will discover this and exploit her. Her parents are rather quirky - hippies of their times, if you will. They live a quiet life in the North of Wales and remain unnoticed and are not well known by the majority of the wizarding community.
Personal History: Isis, as a child, was always left to her own devices for the most part - exploring and such. She was raised by a nanny - quite a strict one, too - who always tried to raise her to the antithesis of her parents, someone who had the idea of what a 'Proper English Girl' should be. She wasn't 'free' enough for her parents, nor polished enough for her nanny. She learned to play pretend at a very young age. She has a tendency to do almost everything in order to get what she wants. She's not an animal person, nor a people person, but she's automatically pulled towards certain personality types. When she entered Hogwarts, she received a piano which she shrunk to take to hogwarts. The Piano, like any wizarding musical instrument, has an attitude. Quite an elitist one, too - it harps on about how she shouldn't play ragtag, though it secretly likes it. She likes Divination as it's an opportunity to burn misc. items and blame it on the Sixth Planet. She likes Transfiguration, too, though she'd prefer sleeping in the back of Arithmacy. Although, she does like to study - it gets her mind off other things.
hlfmoonlemondrp on August 26th, 2006 09:34 pm (UTC)
Name: Severus Snape
Age/Birthday: 16/ January 9th 1960
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Severus is quite tall and thin and unhealthily so. His height contributes to his thin appearance, his long and gangly frame making people think he is thinner than he is. The illusion is heightened by his long, thin nose, which hints at jewish blood in his somewhere. His skin is pale, and sallow, probably something left behind from jaundice at an earlier age. His hair is long, black and would probably be nice if he didn’t forget to wash it. Staring out on the world are cold, dark eyes that show nothing. He refuses to let his emotions drag him down, and so Severus hides behind an ice cold shield. Severus’ mannerisms and posture, shoulders forward but back straight, suggest that he is polite and an all round gentleman, but lacks the self-confidence to be someone to stand out in the crowd.
Personality Description: Severus has no interest in being a social butterfly. Quiet, cunning and resourceful, he shows all the traits of a Slytherin. Sometimes referred to as an over-sized bat, Severus tends to wear a lot of black, just to keep people away. He is always in-the-know, and people sometimes mistake his not talking, for not listening. He can get away with hearing the most private conversations by pretending to be reading a book near them, and that sometimes comes in useful. However, his school life is tortured by the Marauders; James Potter, and Sirius Black being the ring leaders. He is called Snivellus by them, and would punch them both if he knew he wouldn’t get caught. He wouldn’t put his neck on the line for them any day.
15 words; Severe, stern, calculating, cold, indifferent, moody, introverted, solemn, solitary, observant, pessimistic, unforgiving, surly, sullen, tortured.
Family Background: Severus is a half-blood; his mother Eileen, is one of the Princes, an old pureblood family that spans centuries. His father, Tobias, is a muggle and a rather nasty one at that. Both his parents are narrow-minded and somewhat cruel, though Eileen has a soft spot for her son. Being an only child, you would think that Severus got whatever he wanted, but you couldn’t have been more wrong; his parents weren’t exactly poor, but neither were they ‘middle-class’. His mother had been disinherited for marrying a sorry excuse for a muggle, and his father had come from a lower-class industrial area of Yorkshire.
Personal History: Severus was born, aptly, at midnight on January 9th, a few months premature. Doctors said it was a touch-and-go situation with him, and neither of his parents expected him to live long; his father insisted he was baptised so at least, when he did die, he wouldn’t go to Hell. As such, a name was chosen in a rush for him; Severus Tobias Snape, a severe, stern, name that would eventually define his person. Severus had a somewhat rough childhood. His father became alcoholic and regularly beat his wife, forcing his son to watch. One of Severus’ earliest memories is his father throwing a bottle at his mother and his mother shrieking as it hit the wall behind her head as she dropped to her knees. When he tried to stop a beating once, his father punched him in the face and broke his nose; he must have been no more than 9. After that, he covered his ears as his mother screamed and screamed.
hlfmoonlemondrp on August 27th, 2006 10:05 pm (UTC)
Name: Kingsley Shacklebolt
Age/Birthday: 17/August 12, 1958
House: Gryffindor
Physical Description: 6'4", 215 pounds, muscular build, brown eyes, dark complexion, almost always has his head shaved bald, sometimes grows facial hair
Personality Description: Kingsley is a take charge sort of individual. He's a natural leader due to his commanding presence and the deep boom to his voice. Kingsley is aggressive and very driven, two aspects of his personality that are especially apparent with it come to competition. He goes after what he wants and will not stop until he gets it (or is thoroughly satisfied that he gave it his all).
15 words: confident, aggressive, persuasive, imposing, competitive, intelligent, impatient, driven, loyal, dedicated, perseverant, determined, smooth-talking, practical, dominating
Family Background: The Shacklebolts are a working-class family hailing from Roath in Cardiff. Kingsley is the youngest of four sons born to Earl and Marionetta Shacklebolt. They are a tight-knit clan with a strong work ethic, the three older sons all joining their father at work in a local brewery and Kingsley rushing to the library after school to help his librarian mother maintain the stacks. The family is not impoverished but they have to continuously work hard to make ends meet. Earl and Marionetta make certain that their sons have the basics before splurging on extravagant things, stressing the importance of practicality over appearances. Kingsley is the first Shacklebolt to show any magical ability so he is Muggleborn.
Personal History: With three older (and larger) brothers before him, Kingsley had to learn to be tough and to speak out early on. His brothers may have appeared to be extra hard on him, roughing him up and teasing him every chance they got, but it was all with a good-natured tone to it. They wanted Kingsley to be able to fend for himself, as did their father. Only Marionetta babied her youngest son like most mothers would and he loved it though, in front of his father and brothers, he put up a protest. Kingsley grew up with a tremendous amount of respect for his parents and the way they often sacrificed luxuries for themselves in order to give their sons the things they needed. Earl was especially proud of the way young Kingsley carried himself with dignity and pride from an early age, no matter what the circumstances. It was soon apparent that Kingsley was going to be a strapping young man and he began to dominate his brothers in the games of rugby they played in the neighborhood parks. His involvement in sports is what brought out the more aggressive side of his personality. Kingsley's competitive nature was honed by his desire to be the best at all he tried his hand at. He joined a youth club at eleven only to receive his letter for Hogwarts shortly after so the family tradition of captaining a rugby squad was never realized by the youngest Shacklebolt. Earl was overjoyed, however, when he learnt of the Wizarding game of Quidditch and even more so when Kingsley seemed to have a natural affinity toward flying and for the sport. His brothers were a bit envious but they were more thrilled than anything that someone in their family was an actual wizard. Kingsley himself wasn't sure to make of everything but he was determined to make his family -- and, even more importantly, himself -- proud.
hlfmoonlemondrp on August 27th, 2006 10:18 pm (UTC)
Name: Alice Coughlin.
Age/Birthday: 17/May 21st,1958.
House: Ravenclaw.
Physical Description: Alice is a fairly tall girl, on the chubbier side of life. Not to say that she's fat, exactly. But she's... pleasantly plump, and mostly all arms and legs. She has a rounded face and is often seen wearing a polite smile, one that makes people always feel invited to begin a conversation with her. She has thick blonde hair that she usually keeps in two braids or a bun, never having it out freely. Her eyes are large and brown, framed by thick lashes. Her mouth is small and her nose is larger and longer than she'd like and her skin is a pale tone, one that tends to burn easily when under the sun for long periods of time. Her dress sense is rather laid back. Alice will never choose fashion over comfort, so you'll most likely always see her in track pants and a thick jacket sent from home when not in uniform.
Personality Description: Alice is a rather sweet and passive girl. That's not to say she never gets angry, but it takes a very bad day and an exceptionally annoying person to prod and push her over the edge to the point of absolute, screeching anger. One of the reasons she tends to steer clear of Slytherins, and her snobbier house mates. She's also very intelligent, as most Ravenclaws are known to be and one of the large factors in why she got her Head badge, but she has that little touch of bravery in her somewhere that won't let the 'little guy' get pushed down and unheard.
15 words: Innocent, sweet, kind, well-liked, awkward, clumsy, shy, smart, friendly, brave, witty, sensitive, caring, mature and quiet.
Family Background: She, and the rest of her family, are purebloods. While her family has never actually been all that concerned with blood status, a person's wealth weighs more to them. They are strict on keeping up proper, social appearances, especially in the Ministry. Any ball, party or formal function - you'll see the Coughlins present, in their best attire with a twinkle of laughter and polite conversation. Alice herself has never been fond of them, or the way her family behaves, really.
Personal History: Alice was born to a fairly wealthy wizarding family in May, 1958. She was a quiet child and more of a thinker than a talker. The type of child who was always watching what other people were doing, but always too shy to join in or make friends. By the age of five, she had shown her first signs of magical talent when she had fallen off the slide at a local park. It had been the first time her mother had taken her out by herself, without a house elf or maid, and it was just a mother/daughter activity. Alice was thrilled and, in one of those moments where a child yells "mummy, watch me!", climbed onto one of the larger slides. While Mrs. Coughlin looked away for a split second, she heard the large shrill scream of her daughter and her head snapped up just in time to see Alice topple over the side of it. Before she could move, Alice hit the ground. And, well, bounced. The young child was completely unharmed and sat safely on the ground, blinking only a moment before bursting into tears. Rather than be upset, Mrs. Coughlin was ecstatic. When her Hogwarts letter arrived when she was eleven, the same excitement was in the air and her parents held a large party to celebrate it. During her time at Hogwarts, Alice did very well in her studies and became a Prefect in her fifth year. She is now the current Head Girl.
hlfmoonlemondrp on September 9th, 2006 04:48 am (UTC)
Name: Alecto Akantha Carrow
Age/Birthday: 17/ April 7th, 1958
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Alecto is a heavyset girl with brown hair just past her shoulders and brown eyes.
Personality Description: Alecto is a very intelligent and cunning girl, much like her twin, Amycus. However, Alecto lacks in two very important traits: patience and dedication. Becoming bored very easily, she will often be guilty of laziness, and half-finished jobs. She often searches for free rides--using her intelligence and cunning to try and convince others to do homework and find information for her. Aptly named, she can lose her temper very quickly and cause a scene. Alecto can seem very misogynistic, but in reality, she merely believes that a woman can do more when letting men believe they're in the dominant position--she sees the idea of marriage as a wonderful means to power without any work, and would refuse courtship of any male that doesn't hold an impressive amount of social and professional potential in important areas such as business and politics. She's also demanding of perfection of others, unafraid to voice her opinion if something doesn't meet her high standards, though not often offering her hand to help fix the problem. Alecto, in short, is more of an overseer than a worker. Classes for Alecto are run the same way--her laziness causes her to get the bare minimum needed for passing grades. The more academic classes bore her, as such, her wand skills are not as sharp as most people her age. She is more attracted to Divination skills and classes that require less wand work, such as Astronomy, Potions, and Ancient Runes.
15 words: lazy, intelligent, cunning, freeloader, demanding, unsavory, gold-digger, proper, aristocratic, misogynist, conniving, short-tempered, combative, Victorian, argumentive
Family Background: The Carrow family is a wealthy pureblood family. The elder members are Victorian, aristocratic types, who believe in propriety and a successful lifestyle. Alecto was raised to never accept anything other than perfection from others, but also that society demands that, as a woman, she take a more passive role. The Carrows believe that men should be providers and women should be the idealistic, proper ladies who put the more feminine aspect to the family's social face. More privately, the Carrows believe that muggleborns and blood traitors are a rising problem, and encourage their children to stay strong in the face of adversity, giving support to those who promise a solution without necessarily hurting the family name.
Personal History: Alecto was raised in a strict environment that demanded her to take her place in the traditional pureblood society. It was, as with most families, quite usual for the parents to be out socializing or (in their father's case) working, so Alecto's feelings of 'family' start and end with her brother. She often picked fights with other children, and then relied on his cool logic to get her out of it. Likewise, if Amycus needed an ally to back him during a fight, Alecto was always up to it. When starting school, Alecto's impatience and laziness got the best of her, and she learned the bare basics of wand work. She found that she was most intrigued by the magic studies that required less wand work, as the multiple tasks often required for mastery provided her with enough changing work to keep her mind interested. Her argumentive nature and short temper make her a bit hard to befriend, but this doesn't faze her--most people, to her, are not reliable enough.
hlfmoonlemondrp on September 18th, 2006 11:01 pm (UTC)
Name: Rodolphus Lestrange
Age/Birthday: 18/Feb 01, 1958
House: Slytherin
Physical Description: Rodolphus is a tall (6'2") and slender boy. Unlike most other students of his year he chooses to wear his dark brown hair cropped short at the back of his head while the hair on top reaches down to his eyes and is parted at the side. His eyes are not blue as his brother's but brown and turn a shade of green when he is tired or angry . He has a smooth, narrow face, a straight nose, and thin lips.
Personality Description: Rodolphus is cocky, self-absorbed, extremely comfortable with himself, and always looking for entertainment (in the shape of female peers). Everyone is dispensable to him and he has yet to meet a person who is irreplaceable. He rarely means what he says and never lets on what he's really thinking or feeling. Clearly, he has trust issues. However, if asked a direct question, he would tell the truth. It's not quite clear what the driving forces behind his actions are but he definitely has a plan. It just hasn't taken a concrete form yet.
15 words: arrogant, controlled, unsound, cold-hearted, resourceful, twisted, vengeful, unforgiving, determined, detached, corrupt, ruthless, flexible, morally bankrupt, restless
Family Background: Rodolphus is a descendant of a long line of purebloods. His mother raised him and his brother alone after his father was killed.
Personal History: Rodolphus admired his father and wished to become like him one day. When his father died, the boy was devastated and locked himself up in his room for two weeks. Afterwards he began to detach himself from his mother and brother for he didn't want the loss of a family member to have such a great impact on him ever again.
hlfmoonlemondrp on November 7th, 2006 07:09 am (UTC)
Name: Marlene Elspeth McKinnon.
Age: Seventeen.
Birthday: September 21st, 1958.
House:Blood: Halfblood.
Physical Description: Marlene stands at a fairly average height with waist-length dark brown hair, usually pulled back away from her face in a ponytail, and a pale face. She has small, almost rounded brown eyes and a small mouth. Her nose is probably her favourite part of her face and one of the least noticeable, as well as a small dash of freckles across the bridge of her nose and across her cheeks. Marlene chews her nails and rarely bothers to paint them, and you'll often see her in rather plain clothes - t-shirt, shorts or jeans and a pair of sneakers. There's only one thing she really goes out of her way to take care of and that's her pair of rollerskates, a present from Emily last Christmas. They're red with gold wheels, charmed to her house colours.
Personality Description: Marlene is your typical geek in tin foil. She wants so much to do the right thing by people and in class that she often ends up messing it up somehow, either with her utter clumsiness or her overly curious opinions. The things she loves most in the entire world are rollerskates, bubblegum and Arithmancy. She learnt the first when she was four, has been chewing the second since she was eight and just has a natural flair for the third. While it may be considered strange of her, Marlene really likes to study. It's one of her favourite things in the world and if she's not tripping over or twirling about on eight wheels, you'll often find her snuggled up in the Gryffindor Common Room surrounded by roll upon roll of parchment and unfinished homework, a book in her lap. The one thing that seperates her from most NEWT studiers in her position is the slight smile on her face as she reads.
15 words that describe your character: Loyal, bubblegum chewer, rollerskater, bravery, bookworm, study freak, smart, eloquent, curious, independent.
Family Background: Marlene comes from an exceptionally large family of halfblood magic folk. She has four sisters (Katrina [12], Madeline [15], Emily [19], Ariana [22]) and two brothers (twins, Nikolai Jr. and Matthew, [25]). Her father, Nikolai McKinnon, is a muggleborn wizard who grew up in the West End of London, when he was not at school. He works within the Department of International Magical Cooperation and has every ounce of faith in the Ministry, even with the darkening times. Her mother, Karenina Barstow-McKinnon is a pureblood witch from a rather minor wizarding family. It was one of those families most would regard as "blood traitors", as they had no issues with their own intermarrying with muggles and muggleborns alike. Karenina is an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries, but both parents are quite strict about keeping their home life away from their work. They raised their children to have manners and believe that all magical and muggle folk were equal, and should not be killed solely because of the blood that runs through their veins.
hlfmoonlemondrp on November 7th, 2006 07:10 am (UTC)
Personal History: Marlene was born the third youngest child of Nikolai and Karenina McKinnon. As a child, Marlene found it difficult to be around so many members of her family without feeling like she had to do something to prove she still existed. Failing in her task, Marlene tended to withdraw herself from her family and get lost in the books her parents had accumulated over the years with each of their children. Second hand as the books were, their stories were hardly ever different and Marlene loved every page. Tales of witches and wizards, of true love and power conquering over evil, of dying legends. It was like she had an exciting new world that was all her own and she wasn't willing to share it with anyone else at the tender age of nine. From clothes to the telephone, everyone in the family didn't belong to just any one member. If it fit or was not in use at the time, it was up for grabs. When she was ten, her first signs of magic appeared when Emily and her got into a particularly nasty fight over one of the books. Emily had been reading it first but Marlene wasn't aware she hadn't finished, and picked it up after Emily put it down. There was a tug-o-war between herself and her sister before Marlene stumbled back, tripping in true Marlene fashion. Emily looked down at her in victory a moment before the book was literally yanked from her hands by some invisible force, landing with a thud on the carpet next to Marlene. It was about a year later that Marlene would receive her letter with her approval to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The McKinnon family celebrated with a barbeque, inviting both muggle and wizarding family alike. Both sides of the family were so large, Marlene was sure she'd never met any of them before but it was exciting. During her sorting, the hat took the longest time to decide between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Because of her strong desire to the right thing, it was easily a sign of bravery or just honest and hard working. But the bravery won out and Marlene went to join the Gryffindor table, followed by loud applause and handshakes of welcome. The years passed rather uneventfully, except for making friends (being nicknamed 'Jay' by one friend in particular for no logical reason she could think of), one or two... 'enemies' and becoming a prefect in her fifth and sixth year. She's looking forward to graduation at the end of seventh year.
hlfmoonlemondrp on November 30th, 2006 05:33 am (UTC)
Name: Hestia Jones
Age: 16
Birthday: January 1st, 1960
House: Hufflepuff
Blood: Muggle-Born
Physical Description: An apporiate word to describe Hestia would be statuesque. Though she comes off as very intelligent, her blue-green eyes hint out her youthfulness. She has black hair that reaches to her chin. Any longer and she would find it to be too much of a hassle. Against her parents wishes, she pierced both her ears. But you will only find her wearing one earring. She picks the ear the earring will be on depending on her mood.
Personality Description: Hestia takes it upon herself to prove to others that Hufflepuffs are not stupid as their repuation says. She has a great sense of justice. Hestia hates to see those who have done wrong to others get away with it. She is expressive maybe to the point of fault as willing to say what's on her mind without a moment's hesitation. More often then not she suffers from foot in mouth syndrome. Most of her attention is spent on her latest 'cause' be it sometime trivial as petitioning an all vegatarian meal for Hogwarts or trying to stop any older years from picking on first years by doing a vow of silence.
15 words: Innovative, Garrulous, Diligent, Pacifist, Adroit, Subversive, Compassionate, Tenacious, Intuitive, Idealistic, Preservability, Inquistive, Eccentric, Animated, Dramatic,
Family Background: Hestia is Muggle-born. She has two parents, Brent and Irene Jones. And her little brother Pan who is five years younger than her.
Personal History: Brant and Irene Jones are not your typical parents. To put it simply they are pure products of the free love era. The two were highschool sweethearts. Shortly after graduation, the two proposed. When they were 18, Irene gave birth to Hestia. It was around the time that Hestia went into school for the first time that her parents got into all the politics that were going around them. By the time her younger brother Pan was born, she was going to rallies every weekend with her parents. When she recieved her Hogwarts letter, her parents took it not-so-suprising well. In fact, they took it as a sign that she will be able to make even a bigger difference in the world than her. Despite her protests of being nothing like her parents, Hestia still portays a lot of those things her parents have instilled in their two children like standing up for any cause be it small or large.
hlfmoonlemondrp on December 6th, 2006 02:54 am (UTC)
Name: Narcissa Black
Age: 15
Birthday: February 21st
House: Slytherin
Blood: Pure
Physical Description: One word describes Cissa: beautiful. She has long blonde hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, high cheekbones, and fair skin. Her looks are starkly contrasting to those in her family, Blacks were know for their dark hair, dark eyes, darker skin tones - so she stood out amongst them. She is trim, long legged, and takes pride in appearing "perfect" like a porcelain doll at every second of the day. She also tends to stick her nose up at the rest of the world - almost as if there is an unpleasant scent wherever she is.
Personality Description: Narcissa Black is an elitist, who believes fully that purebloods are better than others, but also an aristocrat who believes a person's worth can be determined by their money and power. She is a great friend, loyal and caring, to those she deems worthy. She has a genuine heart, and isn't the ice princess she appears to be. Narcissa is a hopeless romantic - letting her search for love dictate most of her decisions. She doesn't want an arranged marriage, she wants to be in love. Narcissa believes fully that there is nothing that a bit of shopping can't solve. She's spoiled, bratty, and demands her own way. She's also very snotty to those she deems less than her. Narcissa's biggest weaknesses are her cousin (Reggie), and her sisters. But she also has a soft spot for chocolates.
15 words: beautiful, stuck up, prideful, confused, caring, fair (as in skinned), elitist, romantic, high maintenance, lazy (when it comes to school), shopaholic, daddy's girl, princess, naive, gullible
Family Background: Born Narcissa Black to Cygnus Black and his wife, Druella Rosier, Narcissa was the youngest child of three sisters, Bellatrix and Andromeda being her older siblings. They raised her to be a proper housewife, her probably more so than her older sisters, and have always drilled into her head that she would not be working after Hogwarts, but marrying within a year of graduating. Narcissa had all the proper ettiquitte training, learning beauty charms at a young age, and tought to hide all flaws from everyone else. She was always close to her sisters, and really close to Regulus. She, however, thought Sirius was a prat (because he used to taunt her even as toddlers).
Personal History: Narcissa Black has actually done very little dating, surprisingly enough, though she's entertained quite a number of crushes. Her best friends are her sisters and cousin, and she doesn't really socialize much outside of them (feeling they are inferior to her). As far as her family goes, Cissa has always been a perfect and obediant child, daddy's little princess. She's extremely spoiled and doted upon, and has never felt the urge to rebel. In school she's always gotten decent enough marks to get by, but nothing spectacular as her parents didn't care that she did well in school so long as she passed. After all, all that mattered was that she found a suitable husband by time she turned 18.